100 free dirty sex talk

Like: “You taste so good” “Your skin is so soft” “I feel hot” “I feel turned on” “Oh, that feels so good! Some folks love dirty talk and it makes them crazily horny, others don’t like it at all. Dirty talk during sex is not about hurting anyone, it’s a mental flirt, a turn on. Takeaway: Once you have your partner’s blessing, experiment and try things out. If you are planning on some seductive sentences make sure it fits into your conversation.

” Takeaway: It’s more important how you say it, than what you say. What’s important for you to know is that for the ones who enjoy it, the way they like it might vary. So before you go hard-core make 100% sure your significant other is actually into it. Ask dirty questions; maybe you feel like trying a roleplay that Seani Love shared in my Conscious BSDM podcast- pirate treasure hunt…. You are on a date with your sweetheart and it’s your weekly date night. Don’t talk about yourself too much, or your future plans or serious stuff if you are about to throw out some naughty words. How about you create a fantasy together, so while you are sitting in a restaurant, share something you would like to do to him or her.

Meaning – be engaged in your body, your body needs to match your words. No master falls from heaven, we all gotta start somewhere. There are usually two types of dirty talk: soft-core and hard-core.

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There is a difference if you just say your fantasies in a normal tone out loud, of if you slow down, with presence, and use a mystical calmness with a confident intentional emphasis.

You may use your moans, groans, sighs, whispering, or in some cases, even screaming. As I said you have your unique sexual expression through words.

that’s a bold statement; I shouted it out in one of my podcasts :-). It takes courage to say out loud what we love, what we desire and what we yearn for. Sometimes when I am worshipping my partner’s lingam (penis) by massaging it with my sweet and shy expression, I feel I want to get naughty (breaking my own vanilla pattern) and tell him how I fucking love his cock. I just couldn’t get those sexy sounding words out of my mouth.

Those words like “I love your cock” or “fuck me harder” used to get stuck in my throat.

Like: “I love the things you do with your tongue” “You are the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!

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