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Guided by the recommendations, users search for themselves or recommend matches for their friends.

The site drives referrals by waiving a week of the $20/month subscription fee for referrals and adds users by creating accounts for non-users when they are referred on the site.

The site also seeks to engage users through a variety of contests and weekly user quizzes. var widget = new Consumating Widget(); widget.random Profile(); .csm_badge .csm_badge_vertical .csm_badge_horizontal .csm_wrapper .csm_horizontal_wrapper .csm_vertical_wrapper .csm_wrapper a .csm_wrapper .csm_break .csm_row .csm_row_txt .csm_row_pic .csm_txt .csm_card .csm_profile Engage seeks to hook up couples Fiddler-on-the-Roof-style through matchmaking.

Other Consumating features include a widget that streams member information to a web page based on parameters you set (everyone, zipcode, by tag). Users sign up with the usual descriptive profile, but then take on the role of either “dater” or “matchmaker” (or both).

Mingle Now, a new venture from Blue Lithium, is pre-launch.

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