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I'm looking at that ball, the one it took me so much preparation and work before and after the game for me to have that result. When they strike me out, I don't stare at the pitcher, I don't shout at the pitcher. If you don't have your mind focused, you can be easily diverted and give up everything.

My dad is a messenger, and my mom worked in a factory; they brought home $100 a month between the two of them. Sometimes I felt it affected me psychologically, because even if you have great courage, when I was home, if my head hurt or my back hurt or anything hurt [my mom would say], ' Here son, have some soup, take this.' I had to do it all myself.

When that journalist wrote what he wrote, it was something like a mockery. [Studying] was not something I wanted to stop doing, but I had to stop.

And without having the academic achievements that many of the players now have, I have done pretty well in this career for so long.

And the way we play in the Dominican is not meant for disrespecting anybody.

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