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The two sleep together, to the disapproval of Maya's roommate Mercedes (Jillian Bell), and Schmidt later finds that Maya is the daughter of Captain Dickson, whom Schmidt bragged to about "getting laid", much to Dickson's fury.Despite sleeping together, Maya tells Schmidt not to take it seriously, and he starts to feel left out as Jenko bonds more and more with Zook who encourages him to join the football team.When Schmidt and Jenko are unable to identify the dealer, they visit Mr.

I honestly do feel that ANYONE could have done this movie better, and laugh at the notion of someone actually spending millions of dollars to make this..

and then I realize that the movie was profitable, and that there is no hope for the human race.

Inside a bar, they find Mercedes, who is Ghost's daughter, giving instructions to other dealers.

The pair, backed up by Dickson and the rest of Jump Street, ambush the meeting.

I totally enjoyed the 1st, and had high hopes for something at least mildly entertaining... I was bored to the point of incapacitation and Redditing on my phone.

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