50 cents dating from girlfriends

She encountered fellow American expatriate Lawrence Walters (Costas Mandylor), another novelist and rower on the Seine River, who told her when they first met at a party: "I know you. Could be shy, could be a recluse." Afterwards, she thought to herself after they danced: "Time stood still.

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It was rated NC-17 for theatrical release, but then modified for an R-rated video release.

The film was loosely adapted from Anais Nin's post-humously published erotic novel, about an American writer of erotic novels abroad in 1940s Paris named Elena Martin (Audie England) who thoroughly researched her subject matter by exploring her sexuality, while narrating in monotonous voice-over.

The film was most noted for Alyssa Milano (a former TV sitcom Who's the Boss? The film's tagline: "The innocence is over" could have as well applied to the 'good girl' image that was shed by Milano as a result of this film.

It told the story of a virginal, repressed college freshman named Charlotte Wells (Milano), unknowingly the reincarnation of a Transylvanian Princess (June 1986 Playboy Playmate Rebecca Ferratti), who was pursued and under the spell of a handsome, kinky vampirish demon-lover and soulmate (Martin Kemp), who must have her join him in three days - or die.

I don't know."Shortly later, she wrote: "Before tonight, I was growing sad with restlessness and hunger. I felt desperate with desire to plunge into living" - before plunging into a torrid, intimate, sexually-awakening affair with him.

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