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Check the following link (section 1.3) https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj574205(v=ws.11)Please let us know about your experience here.Thank you, Karim What exactly do you mean by Try configuring windows?All links you have sent are for other and older versions of windows (some for windows 7, some for windows 2008)..

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Check the following link, Installing Drivers on Windows Server Corethird question: is there a way to use device manager from remote server?

Yes, you can use access the device manager of your core server from other computers MMC snap-in.

I must repeat that I can open and control all other options in computer management from a remote server. I think, in Windows Server 2016 automatic driver download is enabled by default (only tried in Azure). If you used the latest build for your installation, my guess is the drivers are not available through Microsoft.

I think your main assumption, that is, that you can just connect a server to the internet and then all drivers are installed automatically, is wrong.

Best practice when installing drivers is to get the latest versions from the server manufacturer.

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