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Many times individuals with addictive personality disorder who get sucked in to a gambling habit find themselves losing everything they own, including their house and car.

Where many drug addicts get their high in terms of a physical process when their drug of choice takes effect, gamblers get their “high” in a number of ways.

Individuals who turn to shopping as a form of addictive behavior feel an incredible sense of release of stress when they make their purchases; however, soon, these purchases begin to pile up as does the level of debt and it doesn’t take long before both of these things become incredibly overwhelming.

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Individuals with addictive personality disorder who engage in sex as a means of stress release often do so in such a way that they pose a significant risk to themselves.

These individuals often take part in sex in group settings where their traditional inhibitions are abandoned, they often take part in unprotected sex and they often take part in spontaneous sex with partners whom they have never met before.

When turning to drugs individuals with addictive personality disorder are easily swayed by peer pressure but often know what they are doing is wrong but the temptation to release the pressure felt from stress is more tempting than the possibility of becoming a drug addict is dissuading.

For those with addictive personality disorder the health and financial impact of drug addiction is not enough to outweigh the addiction to drugs itself.

Individuals who suffer from addictive personality disorder and who get sucked in to a life of gambling often feel that they are “lucky” and that their next “big win” is just around the corner.

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