Adolescent dating violence victimization and psychological well being

Belgium commits to carry on sensitization of the general public and specific groups such as young people.

It commits to fully implement the new National Action Plan (2012-2014) to fight against human trafficking, which includes developing an integral and integrated approach to address human trafficking, legislative and regulatory aspects, prevention and protection of the victims, research and prosecution.

Adolescent dating violence victimization and psychological well being 16pf5 online dating

It further pledges to improve access to justice for vulnerable women, survivors of domestic violence, by eliminating unaffordable court fees and by enhancing free legal aid services.

It will undertake regular awareness-raising and educational campaigns to make violence against women socially unacceptable and involve men and boys in combating violence against women and girls.

Belarus commits to combat trafficking in persons and domestic violence Belarus commits to implement a new law to combat trafficking in persons and provide financial assistance to civil society organizations providing assistance to survivors of trafficking.

Under the Fourth State Programme on Combating Trafficking in Persons, Illegal Migration and Related Criminal Activities, Belarus will focus on prevention of trafficking in persons, prosecution of perpetrators and implementation of measures to ensure the fundamental right of victims of trafficking to live free of violence.

The fight against intimate partner violence and other forms of domestic violence requires an integrated approach.

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