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Yet done properly, as Mortenson’s book and Marine efforts in Helmand Province evidence, personal relationships can bring two disparate cultures together for mutual success.

With American assistance, they’ll build enough functioning local governments that will enable our troops to come home.

Play soccer with the kids, and don’t worry if you lose. What the Army fails to understand is that it’s not how many cups of tea one drinks that’s important, but that the act of drinking tea or sharing a melon is how strangers sit down peacefully and begin to know one another.

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This series’ coins symbolize the age of Iron and Glass in France.

The reverse of the 1 Oz 200€ gold coin celebrates on one hand an iconic building of the technical evolution of that era: the Eiffel Tower; on the other hand an artist representative of the international influence of French literature, Victor Hugo.

In Nawa and Garmsir, considered the success stories of COIN in Afghanistan, they live in and around the towns.

Relationships and trust are built by constant exposure to each other, and the Marines patrol 3x daily 7 days/ week. King goes on to quote the ranking elder of a village who mentioned that American soldiers visited him ‘last month’, and how he doubted that an occasional visit by the American forces could keep the insurgents at bay.” It’s been written that the Marines out-patrol the Army by a factor of perhaps 20-1, hot, tiring work in a country jaded by nine years of broken Western promises.

The national sides, then 15 (eurozone Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican who could mint their own) were each designed according to national competitions, though to specifications which applied to all coins such as the requirement of including twelve stars (see euro coins for more).

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