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Together with colleagues I was able to benefit greatly from the funding that we acquired over the years and I am grateful for the collaborations that have resulted in more than 50 publications and over 100 presentations.

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oocyte aspiration, fertilization, embryo transfer, achievement of a pregnancy, live birth delivery, and perinatal outcomes, e.g. What is currently known in the field of lifestyle habits and IVF?

There is compelling evidence that smoking has a negative influence on IVF outcomes, whereas for stress, the evidence is suggestive but insufficient due to the heterogeneity of studies.

Despite enormous advances regarding the technical aspects of the IVF procedure, the parents’ contribution has virtually been ignored when considering aspects that influence success rates.

This systematic review focuses on the effects of female and male lifestyle habits (specifically: smoking, alcohol and caffeine use, and psychological stress) on the reproductive endpoints of IVF (i.e.

De stijl is soms wel erg optimistisch/Amerikaans, maar ik vond dat helemaal niet erg. van Roos van Rijswijk Lees hier de recensie van Harrie Kiekebosch over Nog Groener van Roos van Rijswijk: groen denken in je studententijd is groen doen in de rest van je leven.

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