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Mother Love: Jennifer has not only married her hero, she has also given birth to the only female Rambo in existence, a baby with a hole in its heart. Past Imperfect: The Flavin-Stallone romance has been of an on-off nature. Fame Prospects: Jennifer managed to be photographed on a surprisingly regular basis as a girlfriend and a spurned girlfriend without taking her top off or talking about the size of Stallone's willy.

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The desired event finally took place last week at Blighty's own Blenheim Palace, nearly a decade on.

"I wanted to keep her a little anxious, just to keep her on her toes," explained the weathered Italian stallion, now 50.

The outside ceremony was decorated with a white aisle, gold chairs, and several big floral arrangements with white roses. "My man @Carl Ferro1 proposed to me tonight in the exact spot where we had our first kiss! PHOTOS: Celebs who've been bridesmaids This is the second marriage for Everhart.

PHOTOS: Celebrity weddings 2014 The blushing bride shared her wedding day excitement via Twitter on Friday. She was previously married to Shannen Doherty's ex, actor Ashley Hamilton, from 1996 to 1997.

(one star on IMDB, in case you’re wondering), posing with Angie Everhart and her son, Kayden Bobby Everhart, for some reason. That whole being-clear-about-what-she-wants thing has come in handy as she navigates fame.

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