Are tegan and sara dating anyone 2016

Two songs from Red tape appeared on the album, and two from Orange tape.They later changed their name to "Tegan and Sara" because people thought they were a solo act named "Sara Antegan." The new name was more memorable and their first album was later reprinted under the name Tegan and Sara.

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2016 marks not just the release of Tegan and Sara’s eighth album, Love You to Death, but their 20th year as a band. I can honestly say the confidence around what we do as performers and what we do as a business is at an all-time high.

By some metrics, their sound has evolved immensely, but by others it’s been remarkably resilient. I don't feel as freaked out or as anxious as I've felt on other albums cycles or in other parts of my life.

That’s our first tip for catching ladies, btw: if you want to know, just ask!

Now that you’re on the edge of your seat, re-applying your lipstick and tapping your Chuck Taylors to the beat of Frozen, let’s push on into this brilliant gem of internet magic.

The duo earned a Grammy nomination in 2013 for their DVD/Live Album "Get Along".

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