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The following declarative markup shows the markup for a Chart control that renders a bar chart showing the number of products per category in the Northwind database; when viewed through a browser, the chart appears precisely as the screen shot above. NET page also includes drop-down lists that allow the user to pick a category and order year.

However, instead of assigning the data programmatically, in this case its assigned declaratively through the Sql Data Source control on the page ( If you need to plot data from an XML file, Excel file, comma separated value (CSV) file, or some data store other than a relational database, you have a couple of options. Most alternative data stores - including XML documents, Excel spreadsheets and CSV files - can be accessed by ADO. After making these selections and clicking a Button, there is a postback and the Button's Dim builder = New Sales By Category Chart Builder(cht Sales By Category) builder.

Execute Reader() 'Bind the data using the Data Bind Table method property in the previous installment, Getting Started.

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Now our timer job class is ready and we will see how we can add key value pairs in the property bag of our custom timer job class.

Create a feauture “Timer Job Feature Receiver” with scope as web.

It save lot of time to fix the frequent errors that come up timer job.

Hope you understand how to create timer job in Share Point and how to pass properties to run for a specific site.

The Microsoft Chart Controls are a free and encompassing set of charts for Win Forms and ASP. This article series explores how to use these Chart Controls in an ASP. Chart data may be specified statically via the Chart Web control's declarative markup.

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