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He described him as probably suffering from Asperger's syndrome.

Asperger's is often described as high-functioning autism, linked with average to higher-than-average intellect, but difficulty in conceptualising abstract or metaphorical ideas or conversation, or understanding others' facial expressions.'s report.

She says Zaborny knew that college was the next step for him."It was a new beginning," she says.

"Before people knew about his Asperger's, they just thought he was 'different,' and no one wants that stigma," she says.

They may be extremely passionate about just one or two topics, with little patience for small talk.

They are almost certain to struggle with such challenges as changes in routine or schedule, managing conflict, and facing the sensory overload presented by malls and grocery stores.

It would manifest itself in "magic rituals", which the doctor described as a state in which someone believes if they think something, it will happen – leading them, for instance, to avoiding stepping on cracks in the footpath.

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