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Nainggolan wants Roma to show their ability against Antonio Conte's visitors.

The 29-year-old added: 'We know what we are capable of and our worth.'We played a great game in London, we could have won it, but we need to be aware of Chelsea too.'We will be playing in front of our own fans, a big crowd, and we have everything it takes to win the game.'Roma have won eight of their last 10 games, including the three Serie A games since the draw at Chelsea 1-0.

Diddy definitely looks out of place here but wait until you see what Sascha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher are doing (Slide #19).

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Yet another butt photobomb summer picture because nothing says photobomb better than another white butt.

This one makes it worth it because he is directly behind them, and he might not even know them and is still doing this, so yes, it is a great picture. You would think that it wasn’t staged, but it might be, regardless – it is still pretty funny.

Nainggolan reckons Roma need to do better if they are to improve upon their Champions League run of two wins in 18 games.

He added: 'If we win, we take a big step towards qualifying, but we're studying each game as it comes.'If you keep having marginal wins sooner or later you might concede a goal.'What is important is that we know what we are working towards.

We have no idea what exactly Diddy was going for with this beach ensemble, but what we do know is that it is equal parts hilarious and confusing!

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