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Mediterranean cuisine Homemade Umbrian foul beans served with cucumbers, fresh mint, spring onions, sliced tomatoes, lemon, Italian extra-virgin olive oil and Arabic bread. Mediterranean cuisine White marinated tuna with french beans, baby potato, quail eggs, umbrian black olives, cherry tomatoes, grilled onions and bell peppers dressed with extra-virgin lemon olive oil.

Mediterranean cuisine Whole-wheat bagel with chive cream cheese, scottish smoked salmon, onion and caper berries, served with healthy salad of kale and jir jir, sunflower seeds, goji berries, avocado and cherry tomato, coated in balsamic dressing.

Despite its own substantial date production, Bateel said demand was so high that the company ran out of dates well before the end of the year.

“We market over 20 varieties of dates, an unrivalled selection which includes the khidri, sokari, madjool and others, and the most expensive kind could reach up to Dh250 per kg,” said Sharma.

The company has grown into a specialty provider of dates, chocolates, cookies, biscuits and other food products with 51 shops in 14 countries.

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