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She hires Lovejoy, but then her house is robbed just before the auction, and the robbery bares a striking similarity to a number of others in both England and France.

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Lovejoy sets out to unravel the puzzle, dressing as a priest in the process.

Ray Lonnen [ Tony Palmer ], Donald Hewlett [ Harry ], Jenny Runacre [ Sandra ], Leslie French [ Cuthie ], Tony Wreddon [ Pierre ], Diana Blackburn [ Sarah ], Peter Mac Kriel [ Jimmy ], Forbes Collins [ Morgan ], Cherry Morris [ Louise ], Jennifer Clulow [ TV Presenter ], Brian Goodfellow [ Dave ], Stephen Garlick [ Shopkeeper ] Dandy Jack Wanting to get away from cahrlie for a few days, Lovejoy accepts a job at a new antiques market in Norwich, which is owned by a client of Lady Jane's.

When he comes across evidence of a double-cross by Charlie, he sets out to get even. In the first season, in episodes 3 and 4, she is called Kate, and is played by Charlotte Edwards.

In the third season, in episodes 18, 28 and 31 she is played by Amelia Shankley, but is now called Vicky, although the second episode lists her as Vicki.

He is soon convinced that the man is a con artist, and sets out to expose him.

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