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In an Instagram post, she lauded the importance of sticking to a targeted workout routine.

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Although Ms Frodsham admitted there were benefits to the glute-enhancing exercise, she wasn't a fan.'Squats are an amazing compound movement and should definitely not be discounted,' she wrote on an Instagram post. Luckily for me, squats aren't the only exercise that grow the booty!

' Instead Ms Frodsham said she uses a range of different of body building strength training techniques to maximise her gains'Incorporate hip thrusters, glute bridges, cable kickbacks, banded abductions and lateral band walks into your workout routine and watch that peach grow! Scroll down for video The training expert previously explained on her blog that the secret behind her 'bubble butt' was her six day a week glute workout.

Before her transformation, the 28-year-old was eating no more than 800 calories a day in an attempt to slim down.

Now, the Instagram model consumes 2,300 calories each day.

And it is going to become your favorite free time activity.

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