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Even Israeli taxes -- which can be higher than in the U. -- come with some advantages, such as paid maternity leave and tax breaks for women in the workplace. Live, Laugh, Love There are very few people who wake up one morning, roll out of bed and say "Honey, let's get up and move to Israel for no reason in particular." Ninety-nine percent of those who come on aliyah do so for very concrete reasons: ideological, religious, and spiritual, to name a common few.

At the end of the day, though, the reality check is important and can be summed up by this well-told joke: How do you make a million dollars in Israel? There is beauty and depth in Israel which touches the heart of nearly every visitor.

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"We went in with the attitude that we were going to bleed a little." The Solomons appreciated the Sal Klitah -- Absorption Basket -- which every new oleh (immigrant) receives, but when it ran out after the requisite seven months, reality hit hard and they had to make adjustments.

"It's important to learn how to live like an Israeli," advises Solomon.

One day you will give back to others, but for now it's your turn to accept all the help you can get.

From learning which products to buy in the grocery store to finding out the best way to clean Israeli stone floors, reach out to your neighbors, taxi drivers, and store owners. The popular Hebrew saying, loosely translated, goes: "A near neighbor is better than a distant brother." It couldn't be truer.

During both these trips, they focused extensively on a singular mission: finding the right schools for their children.

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