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Site found via: accidentally Glad to have dropped by...I am trying to get people from every country to visit my website, so i would appreciate it if you checked it out at found via: found your site from Google This is a wonderful site...

I market our company's product all over the world by means of email, hence, knowing the time in a certain country/location is a great advantage for me. Site found via: Book marked good site but when I want to print the what is on the page, the right side is cut off. Site found via: Google Great reference for daylight, time zones, and locals around the world. [ Edinburgh, UK ] - Saturday, December 25, 2004 at (UTC) Site found via: word of mouth As i communicate online a lot, it's good to find a site that finaly allows me to see what time it is in different countries without having to work it out. Site found via: google Thanks for the site, It helped me to broadcast via Ham Radio with a network of people locally to give out Santa Reports to the kids. I take abuse reports for an ISP and have to track sbuse issues in many time zones.

there is no way to resize the map to get a full print. I met a beautiful young lady in Russia and I needed to know what time it was there, so I would be able to talk to her at the proper time of day! Site found via: Searched on MSN for timezones This website is for the strict purpose of sharing our Corporation's vision and state-of-the-art business model, for those who may have an interest. Missing specific time zone maps showing cities in: Africa Central and South America Greenland It would be nice to show longitude/lattitudes also. Made it easy to track times in different locations. Site found via: - Total avoidance of the nuliar war. Peacefull winning over the world emperor's emperium with law and it social consequenses. This sites makes it a lot simpler -Brent Site found via: GOOGLE I WAS LOOKING FOR THE TIME DIFFERENCE FOR W.

I've recommended it to other's, who's response have been the same....... I do "Tribute Shows" RE: The Best of Brit highlights his ability as a born cover song mimic - to incarnate the vocal grain of Lennon, Mc Cartney and Clapton to a T!

Thank you for making our lives a wee bit easier..... Tender ballads, tough twists, and toe-tapping fun are delivered with innate pop music sensibility. it makes my life so eazy every time I have to travel/ call some one at any part of country(got friends working in diffrent parts of world.

I wish that it could be used as wallpaper so I would have it handy at all times. Wish you a great success Naresh Dhiman Site found via: Google search My daughter will be serving in Iraq in the next few months, and now I can see what time it is where she is stationed.

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