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If he begins to pee adopt a happy voice and try to change the subject. Slowly and gradually introduce him to as many new things as you can.

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The dog may roll on his back or side exposing his belly or he may cower down.

Other submissive signs are laying the ears back, tucking the tail between the legs and avoidance of eye contact. Calmly say hello verbally and then carry on with other business. Don't pick him up or pat him on the head or approach him anyway from above.

A perceived threat could be something as simple as a human towering over them and stretching out their hand to pat them on the head or a sudden loud voice.

Typically, submissive urination occurs either when you greet your puppy or dog or when it experiences verbal or physical punishment.

woman or girl who has a small breast size and who behaves in a submissive, envious and adoring way when she meets U. women/girls with a more feminine body shape and a larger breast size than her own.

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