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And that is where this handy little guide comes in. Radziwiłłowska 3 Phone 48 12 384 06 06, 48 12 384 06 66 Fax 48 12 384 06 07 e-mail: [email protected], [email protected] Ascot Hoteloffersits guestsmodern,functionalrooms and an intimate, comfortable atmo- sphere in the very centre of Krakow. Plac Nowy Kazimierzisthedistrictthathoused Kraków’s Jewsfor over 500 years. It can be approached most easily from the major intersection of al. Thoughmuchaboutthe ingenuity of the mound’s prehistoric engineers was revealed, no trace of a grave was found, however excavations were not completely comprehensive.

Cinema city bonarka rezerwacja online dating

Around 1300 a roof would have been placed over these stalls creating the first Cloth Hall style structure. The history of Kazimierz can be traced back to 1335 when it was officially founded as an island town by King Kazimierz the Great. New Podgórze Cemetery (Cmentarz Podgórski) K-5, ul. Openedin1900,thecemeteryoriginallyhada strict Catholiccharacterwithaseparatedesignatedarea for Protestants and a distinct section for suicides (marked ‘VIII-a’).

This basic structure would have survived up until the mid 14th century when the Polish king Casimir the Great allowed construction of a hall for trading and the Cloth Hall became the centre of the trade of many commodities such as wax, spices, leather and silks as well as local goods such as textiles, lead and salt from the nearby Wieliczka mines. Unlike Kraków,whichwaslargelypopulatedby Germans, Kazimierzwasdominatedby Poles. Itwasnot until 1495 when Jews were expelled from Kraków that they started to arrive to Kazimierz in force. Jewish Community(Gmina Wyznaniowa Żydowska) D-7, ul. Today it continues to grow and is ideal place to visit if you are here on All Souls’ Day (Nov. Podgórze’sprimarynecropolis foroverahundredyears,the Old Podgórze Cemeteryis/ wastherestingplaceoftheformerlyindependentcity’s mostdistinguishedcitizens.

As can be seen in the Rynek Underground exhibition, the area around where the Cloth Hall stands today was a bustling, crowded, noisy centre of commerce with merchants passing through the city and local trades such as cloth makers and metal workers going about their business. QBoxofficeopen-, -, Sat, Sunonehourbeforeperformance. Awarded its Magdeburg Rights, which allowed markets to be held in what is now Pl. Jewishbookshopthatalsoarranges guided Schindler’s Listtoursandtripsto Auschwitz- Birkenau. 1, 2) due to its basin- shapecreatinganamphitheatreofcolouredcandlelight. Old Podgórze Cemetery (Stary Cmentarz Podgór- ski)K-5, Corneroful. Establishedinthelate18th century, the cemetery’s grand arched gateway is set back from a busy intersection on a hill behind the iconic sculpture of‘Godthe Father.’Unfortunately,withtheexceptionofa few, many of the most notable graves have been lost during the boneyard’s turbulent history.

It appears that the development of the area during the 14 th century resulted in the original stone stalls becoming the basements of the new developments. Wolnica, Kazimierzprosperedanditisrecordedasbeing oneofthemostinfluential Polishtownsduringthemiddle ages. Bythe17thcentury Jewishlifewasflourishingand numerous synagogues had been constructed. In 1651 the area was hit bytheplague,thenfouryearslaterransackedandruined bythe Swedishinvaders. Crossing the stone entry, thefirstgraveontherightistherestingplaceof Edward Dembowski-leaderofthe1846Kraków Uprising,laidto rest here in a collective grave with 28 insurgents shot by the Austrian Army; nearby is the Bednarski family vault, where Wojciech - founder of Podgo’s most beautiful park reposes.

The Gothic construction was 108 metres long by 10 metres wide with two rows of stalls and with arched arcades built at the north and south ends the structure had the basis of its current shape. Upstairs find fossils and a small natural history section of glass cases full of preserved animals that live in the area. Itwas here that all the administrative and judicial authorities of Kazimierz were established, as well as hundreds of market stalls selling everything from fur and tobacco to salt and amber. Museums & Synagogues City Engineering Museum(Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej)E-7,ul.Św. Evidencethat Polish museumsarefinallycatchingupwiththemodernworld, thischarmingmuseuminsideanoldtramdepotfeatures four separate exhibitions. There’s not enough space here to wax lyrical about the delights in- side, including beautiful recreations of 19th-century peasant houses, folk costumes, some extraordinary examples of the so-called Nativity Cribs, the breathtaking top floor collection of folk art and a rather peculiar wooden bicycle. Admission 9/5zł, Sun free for permanent exhibitions. The brainchild of award- winning photo-journalist Chris Schwarz, The Galicia Jewish Museum is comprised of some 135 photographs aimed at keeping alive the memory of Jewish life in the south of Po- land in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Asmallrelicofvanishing beauty, the cemetery is open everyday from dawn to dusk. Incredible limestone cliffs, ponds and dense vegetationareasbreath-takingastherustingrefinery equipment,fenceposts,gravestonesandtanglesof barbed wire that can still be found amongst the brush here. M/N-1/3 Artystów N-3 Bardosa T-4 Batalionu Parasol M-1 Boruty-Spiechowicza, gen. N/O-3 Cerchów P-4 Daniłowskiego R-4 Gajocha O-3/4 Gardy-Godlewskiego, płk. M/R-3/4 Klasztorna R-5 Kleinera T-1 Kocmyrzowska M/N-1 Lehra-Spławińskiego T-1 Ludźmierska N-1/2 Łempickiego S-1 Mierzwy O/R-3/4 Mościckiego O/P-1 Hotel Kazimierz34 Hotel Kossak29 Hotel Stary27 Hotel Unicus29 Chopin Cracow33 Ibis Kraków Centrum34 Jordan34 Karmel34 Klezmer Hois35 Komorowski Luxury Guest Rooms27 Kraków City Apartments40 Kraków Homes40 Maltański35 Mama's43 Matejko29 Momotown43 Monopol29 Morawica43 Mundo43 Nathan's Villa Hostel43 Neohotel Airport43 Novotel Kraków Bronowice29 Novotel Kraków Centrum30 Off White Business & Leisure Apartments40 Pałac Bonerowski27 Panorama38 Park Inn by Radisson35 Patria38 Petrus35 Pod Kamykiem43 Pod Różą30 Pod Wawelem35 Pollera35 Polonia35 Polski Pod Białym Orłem30 Pugetów30 Quality Hotel Kraków38 Qubus Hotel Kraków30 Radisson Blu27 Red Brick41 Rezydent31 Royal36 Royal Plaza Apartments41 RT Monopol Jazz31 Rubens38 Rubinstein31 Ruczaj36 Saski36 Secret Garden Hostel & Pension43 Obrońców Krzyża N-1 Orkana P/R-3 Padniewskiego, bp.

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