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Keep pressing until the hot glue has cooled down and the pincushion stays on there neatly.

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De cualquier manera más abajo os pongo la traducción: A mano o a máquina, unir 2 pétalos a lo largo de uno de los lados, cosiendo de un punto de referencia a otro y asegurar con un par de puntadas tanto al comienzo como al final de la costura.

Dar un pequeño corte en el margen de costura, sin llegar a cortar el hilo (figura 2a). Rellenar bien apretado el alfiletero con relleno de poliéster. Los he encontrado en el web de Martha Stewart y por si no lo sabéis, allí se pueden encontrar todo tipo de artesanías, labores, creaciones, la mayoría de ellas reciclando materiales anteriores.

Puff pastries are also popular in other countries as well, but my design is inspired by the ones I've grown up with here in Phoenix. Take the strip, fold it lengthwise and stitch it with the embroidery thread along the edge of the curve, gather it here and there to make it ruffled. Tuft the My pins and needles really take a beating, and I’ve noticed that they’re all dulling a bit.

I actually made these last Saturday night at The Dirty Devil nightclub where Patrick's band was performing. I used white felt, and then painted it to give it a realistic look. The next day, both my kids picked these up to take a bite and were mad because they were fake! Yes, you can use a sewing machine on these, but because I knew I would be working in a dimly-lit area (the nightclub), I chose contrasting embroidery thread to hand sew. Supplies: 1 piece of white craft felt stuffing, like batting needle, embroidery thread brown, yellow and white paint Scissors 1. Fold it over from the short side, and cut out the shape of the about half away around the curve. So I thought I’d try to make a pincushion that’s also a sharpener.

I didn’t have one of these, but I did have some grade 00 steel wool.

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