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The animals are also kept in enclosures that recreate their habitats in the wild, ensuring they feel more comfortable.Parquelandia: Here’s a funfair created in a traditional British style.Plenty to do: Another result of the growth of Fuengirola holidays is that there are lots of different activities for every type of holidaymaker.

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Beaches in Fuengirola Santa Amalia: Around 1.5km of gloriously golden sand, this popular beach is close to many all inclusive holiday hotels, bars and restaurants.

That means you’ll only have to take a short walk for some lunch, giving you more time to enjoy the beach on holidays to Fuengirola!

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Fuengirola Overview Built-up resort: Costa del Sol holidays were some of the first to interest British tourists when Mediterranean holidays became popular over 40 years ago.

Attractions here include bumper cars, a bouncy castle and a mini-golf course.

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