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If you were able to travel back in time to visit Earth during the Archaean period you would not recognize it as the same planet we inhabit today.FOR MORE CLICK HERE The atmosphere was very different from today it most probably consisted of methane, ammonia, and other gases which would be toxic to most life on earth today.But, although Lydenburg was healthier, marauding Bapedi armies under the leadership of Kgosi Sekhukhune fought a series of bloody pitched battles with the settlers, monuments to which can still be seen in the area.

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The periods can roughly be divided as follows:- Early Archaean 3.9 - 3.3.

billion years ago; Mid Archaean 3.3 - 2.9 billion years ago; Late Archaean 2.9 - 2.5 billion years ago.

They are interpreted to represent lava which erupted from the depths of a deep subterranean environment.

The town of Lydenburg, in Mpumalanga Province, was founded in 1850 by the company of Voortrekker leader Andries Potgieter who had abandoned their first settlement -Ohrigstad.

Scientists are researching a possible re-dating of when life on earth first occurred.

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