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Then use our precious metal calculator which will give you a good idea of what your items are worth based on the silver value.

(Make sure you check the 0.925 silver check box on the calculator). Let us know if you need more information about selling your sterling silver to be recycled and refined.

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Watch this video about finding the value of sterling silverware.

Oneida Limited was not formed until 1880, but the roots of the company date to 1848, when a religious commune called the Oneida Community was founded by John Humphrey Noyes in Oneida, New York.

Before that many of these marks were owned by a variety of companies and were bought and sold through a variety of business cycles. Joseph Rodgers and Sons Place: Sheffield England Years: 1682 - Present Asa Rogers Jr. 1832 - 1838 Renamed from Rogers & Cole Rogers & Britten Place: West Stratford Connecticut Years: 1880 - 1882 Mergers: Taken over by Holmes and Edwards Rogers & Brothers Rogers Brothers Place: Waterbury Connecticut Year: 1847 - 1855 Founders: Asa Rogers Simeon Rogers Leroy S. Hamilton Mergers and Notes: 1855 Changed name to Rogers & Bros.

Place: Hartford, Connecticut Years: 1900 - 1929 Mergers: Absorbed by Wm. Meriden Connecticut Founded: January 1, 1857 Manufactured: Holloware Flatware Founders William Rogers Sr.

The men managing the various "Rogers" companies sometimes were linked by family relationships but often this was not the case. Manufacturer of silverplated flatware in the building of Holmes Booth & Hayden. The two companies were consolidated in 1861 under the presidency of William Rogers. In the 1880s the firm had a bitter controversy with William Rogers Jr. In 1898 the firm became part of International Silver Co The firm was founded in the 1890s by Wm. Rogers a small storekeeper of New York using the "(R) ROGERS (R)" trademark from c.

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