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In a report released yesterday, the Cross Island Legacy Committee established to find a use for the nine-acre parcel of land currently housing the Americas Cup Village recommended that it should be used for an integrated blue/green business hub.Indoor agriculture, aquaculture and renewable energy would be incorporated, said the committee.

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It includes Somerset Island (named after the English county of Somerset, like Somerset in New Jersey 08873, USA and other places with Somerset in their name, like Somerset in Massachusetts).

It also includes Boaz Island, Ireland Island and Watford Island.

Another constituent, who lives near Somerset Market Place but asked not to be named, believes the present Government deserves another chance.

She said they have a reasonable amount of irons in the fire and should be allowed to use these to continue with whatever progress they seem to have made.

However, a fellow Boaz Island resident, who grew up as a staunch PLP supporter, said he wouldnt have a problem if the OBA got back in.

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