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t HE g OVERNMENTtried for years to crush Kevin Trudeau for his book "NATURAL CURES THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT" research and support of inexpensive natural cures to ailments and diseases. This is despite the fact that some of the things reported were groups that were set up for pedophiles, and images described by the Children’s Commissioner of England, Anne Longfield, as “They and very sexualized photos of children.”After BBC pressed the issue and escalated it up, they were finally taken down and sent on to the police.

He found a complicit government and the Federal Drug Administration waged a decade-long attack on him including IRS investigations CULMINATING IN A 10 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE. Any delay in reporting this type of activity, however, makes it more difficult for the police to find those committing the crimes, and potentially allows any children involved to be exposed to continued abuse or other danger.

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Please notice hard hitting article list down the left side that you will not see anywhere else! FBI Anon rattled their cages as other DHS and local authorities rounded up all sorts of street-level human traffickers.

HOME secretary Amber Rudd is reportedly very upset by the inaction and delays of Facebook, and is taking action.

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