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) removes some of that stress by giving you a limited number of matches every day at noon.If you both like each other, you have seven days to exchange contact information and take the conversation offline.

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It’s simple, easy, and the opposite of overwhelming, especially for those who don’t have time to spend hours swiping through potential dates because they’re, you know—working.

One caveat: Because the app sources your matches from friends of friends on Facebook, this might not be the best option for those who are trying to widen their dating pool beyond their community. According to recent research, First Met has one of the highest percentages of users who are 30 or older, with only 2.3% of its users being in the 18 to 29 age bracket.

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Basically, the app tracks your location and allows you to see anyone in your vicinity (or who has been in your vicinity recently) who is also on the app. The app works best in big cities, since the more users you run into, the more matches you’re likely to have. Even though you don’t hear much buzz about this app, it actually has the second most users out of all dating apps, coming in right after Tinder. OK, we know we’re not reinventing the wheel here, but with 75% of’s users being over the age of 30, you’re going to have a ton of potential mates when it comes to sheer numbers.

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