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He didn’t go to pan for gold; he went to open a branch of the family wholesale dry goods business.In 1872, Levi Strauss and one of the merchants he supplied, Jacob Davis of Reno, Nevada, applied for a patent for a method of reinforcing pants that Davis had developed.These colours included not only the orange and red tabs but also the black tab, white tab (see above) and silver tab lines. Almost all Levi jackets have 2 sets of numbers for the product code, e.g “70503 – 0234“.

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Below is a trucker style corduroy jacket featuring a white tab label.

Orange tab was introduced towards the end of the 60s.

It was they who, in 1906, rebuilt the company after the company buildings were destroyed in the fires that followed the San Francisco Earthquake.

During the 1930s, Levi Strauss & Co worked out a plan so that they could keep their workers employed through the Depression.

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