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Alcázar de Segovia has a history far preceding the world of Disney, however – dating all the way back to the early 12th century – first as an Arab fort, then as a palace, housing many a king, then eventually a prison, and finally a military academy.

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It set in motion my career as a director and my relationship with my father, but frankly, I can’t believe that I ever watched another movie again. Ensconced in my father’s Oldsmobile, we twisted our way through the curlicues of Rock Creek, rising up Porter Street onto Connecticut Avenue.

In 1982, my father was thirty-two and I, his youngest child, was three. I demanded that my parents play a 45 of “Duke of Earl” as part of my bedtime ritual. We passed Yuen Hing Palace, the Chinese restaurant where men in dark suits and heavy-framed glasses planned both the Bay of Pigs and Nixon’s visit to China.

Popular films spawned centipedes of ticket holders outside the theater, stretching past the tchotchke shops, around the Irish pub and up a narrow hill.

As the curtains parted, the film flickered to life and I fell in love.

The 200CD became a ubiquitous audio generator in engineering laboratories worldwide from the 1950s to the 1990s.

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