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Down by the shore there, in this early morning, he met a man, ca 1,65 m tall, clothed rather peculiar - and first thinking to avoid him.

Looked to be ca 25y old - white/fair skin, and had blond hair - bluegrey eyes, and clothed in a brown one-piece - skisuit similar clothing.

Only a few people who can adjust their sight to a higher level, can comprehend life on those planets as ex. The big mistake is interpreting all life in cosmos to be on our "narrow" level of frequency.

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But in -78 he began to write about it from his early notes, and then again new observations began happening.

In feb-62 he was led by an impulse to go to Biscayne Bay - ca 3km from his home.

The word civilisation is not quite fitting to describe non-physical beings.

It would be more correct to call them "mass groupings of consciousness" which inhabit an infinite number and dimensions which you presently have no concept of." Most all the earthpeople being contacted were young people - teenagers.

As usual on such cases, all those talks are seemingly only assertions, so the only way to judge such stuff, is to use the own in-built intuition, and "recognition" to feel into by a logic view on evolution.

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