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But, at the heart of the story is the ill-fated passion of a married woman — the film’s flawed eponymous heroine — for a dashing officer who is not her husband.She gives up everything for love, Presentiments of Anna’s doom recur at intervals throughout the film, with the sight and sound of an approaching train.Or, perhaps it is as one of the novel’s translators observed, that one cannot build one’s happiness on another’s pain.

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Anna’s society tolerates infidelity in men, but it shuns women who transgress — at least it does if they flaunt their affairs or treat them as more than a trifle.

Anna is mercilessly ostracized by society, a society in Anna’s own brother, a shameless serial philanderer, deems it “impossible” to offer succor to his outcast sister.

But that’s not giving anything away in a story that twists and turns in unexpected directions and keeps viewers amused all along the way.

Those of us who regard ourselves as shameless romantics may yearn for straight-up (i.e.

There are a myriad of examples: The back of the stage opens to an expansive winter landscape.

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