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I sense her slip just a bit in my arms, I realize she's pointing my cock directly at her hole, then swiftly I feel the shaft being surrounded by soft skin, warmer than the water by far. I'm trying to maintain my upright stance, we're not moving at all. Her arms are around my neck, her legs around the small of my back, I'm buried deep inside her. She's light as a kitten in the water, I manipulate her for my selfish pleasure, all he while she's whining, "That's it, enjoy yourself." A few thrusts, I pull her groin as close to mine as possible, I feel the semen rise.

For the first time in a dozen years, I'm making love to a woman who's name isn't Elissa. "Fill me up," Randi encourages, "come inside me." And I do, it seems as if a liter of my juice spurts into her, I lose my balance, we falter in the water, I continue to squirt.

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We're severed now, just a few seconds before I'm totally done. Make love to me." I begin by kissing her forehead, her eyelids.

After she regains her balance, she swims to me, we embrace, kiss. We just both feel sometimes it's better to scratch an itch than to pretend you don't have it." I'm not sure just how I feel about that. Before I married, I sowed my wild oats; for that matter, Elissa did as well, even more than I.

Randi's a nice person, she and Elissa get along pretty well, she told me once she was as shocked as I was when she found out about Elissa's affair.

She's good looking, too, I've fantasized about her when I was screwing Elissa, you know, the idea that helps you get hard after a decade or so of marriage. When I pull into my driveway about twenty minutes after sunset, I see Randi's car there.

My guess is it's pretty well over." "Would you take her back? Our bodies are as close as possible now, our chests and belly pressed together, she floats on the water, her arms around my shoulders, as if she's climbing a tree.

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