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KILLICK, John Reginald - CCA, 4.1.2002 - 127 A Crim R 273O'Keefe J, Smart AJR v Killick [2002] NSWCCA 1Sentence appeal.

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The other 2 deals each involved 7 grams for which applicant received $300 on each occasion.

Applicant was the proprietor of a service station in Cessnock.

The supply offences arose out of the supply of methylamphetamine to an undercover police officer on 5 occasions over a period of 10 days.

On 3 occasions the quantity supplied was half a gram for which applicant received $50 for each deal.

CARROLL, Douglas John Frederick - CCA, Greg James & Whealy JJCitation: R v Carroll [2001] NSWCCA 511Sentence appeal.1 x BE&S; 1 x aggravated BE&S; 6 offences on a Form 1 (take & use conveyance; BE&S; possess housebreaking implements; possess explosive device; possess prohibited drug).5y 3m with NPP of 2y 3m. Aged 34y 9m at time of sentence - discount for guilty plea - special circumstances - positive steps towards rehabilitation - disproportion between head sentence & NPP.

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