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” He said, “Yes, we received a transfer of ownership.

So she was taken off of your account.” I said, “That’s crazy. She’s sitting in the room with me right now.” He said, “Oh. I’ll call you back.” About fifteen minutes later, he telephoned. What if I hadn’t happened to look at my account for months, and, worst case scenario, Rocky had gotten lost?

And that means switching my voice to a not-everyday high-pitched tone, to differentiate from the usual tone I use to give the commands.

Hence, “Barbie Doll.” And what have we been working on? Rocky is learning how to push a button to activate an automatic door, like the ones they have for handicapped access. I don’t always need one when I leave the house, but I never know when that may change, as my episodes can come upon me very quickly, leaving me either weak and unsteady, or unable to walk at all.

Anybody passing by our house over the last week has heard a lot of what my American Service Dogs trainer Jared Latham calls “the Barbie Doll voice.” Especially when teaching a dog a new skill, it’s critical to get really, really excited when the dog does it right.

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