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A tendency to see the Indo-European languages as inherently those of the superstrate can be found widely in literature on the Indo-Europeans.

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Only on Polako's plots when he wants to show our common Mongoloid admix :) I you look at those pics showing now people from Moscow, you dont see even one Finnish-looking person.

edit I was wrong, there is some Finnish looking, but very few.

This suggested that the Indo-Europeans, or Aryans, having ascended the scale of linguistic evolution to its summit, spoke a more ‘advanced’ language than their neighbours. Mallory, In search of the Indo-Europeans: Language, Archaeology and Myth, ISBN 050005052X, p. Everyone is a language shifter, if we take a time frame long enough.

Canon Isaac Taylor, for example, once proposed the notion that the Indo-Europeans were essentially ‘an improved race of Finns’. Finns are not genetically identical to Russians, it would be more appropriate to say, that Russians have Finnic admixture.

So this begs the question if the Hittites (and Luwians etc.) were either completely wiped out with the death of Anatolian languages or if they only spread their language and not genes to Anatolia. The West Siberian R1a1 seems to be derived from the Sayan-Altay region and can be connected to the Samoyedic expansion.

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