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Susanna was to get a message to the Count that she would meet him in the garden, that night.

Cherubino, kept back in the castle against the Count’s orders, was to act Susanna’s part, and the Countess to surprise the frail husband with the supposed Susanna.

One of Mozart’s most popular operas, with a libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte, based upon the notorious play by Beaumarchais.

The play had been banned in 1786 because it questioned the legitimacy and rationality of the aristocracy by making fun of it through the eyes of a common servant, Figaro.

Of this appointment Figaro—through the simplicity of a peasant girl, entrusted with the Count’s answer to Susanna—got wind, and forthwith collected a number of stout villagers, who were to administer to the Count a sound cudgeling under cover of the darkness.

When evening came round, the two ladies—the Countess dressed as Susanna, and Susanna as the Countess—repaired to the spot appointed in the letter, a secluded part of the park with a pavilion on either side.

Suddenly Cherubino came in, who, it seems, had made an appointment with Barbarina, the gardener’s daughter, on the same spot.

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