Fossil dating difficulty in south africa

India, Asia Minor, western Europe, eastern, southern and western Africa, and Java stand out as areas which have gone through comparatively similar human phases.

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Human figures dressed up in animal or grotesque masks evoke the dancing and initiation ceremonies of living peoples or represent the sorcerers or gods of the Upper Paleolithic.

A wonderful example is the sacrificial/ritualistic scene depicted in the famous Addaura Cave engravings (11,000 BCE).

(Perhaps accounting for the location of the Venus of Berekhat Ram [Golan] and the Venus of Tan-Tan [Morocco]).

The door did not open again until much later to permit new migrations to the West.

Strangely enough the totemic female symbols of the mid-Aurignacian period - like the mysterious Lion Man of Hohlenstein Stadel (c.38,000 BCE) and the Venus of Willendorf (c.25,000 BCE) - disappear later, giving way to the animal art already in the course of development.

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