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Image: Courtesy of Corbis Earlier this year, I became so mired in personal crisis I couldn't see any way out.

If talking about sex or admitting your faults as a partner embarrasses you, working with an online therapist can make you more comfortable expressing yourself.

Some therapists fret that text doesn't permit nuance.

In person, you can hope the therapist tunes in to your body language, providing a bridge between feeling an emotion and expressing it."One thing therapists learn in school first off is that when assessing a client, you balance what they say against what you see," says Mankita.

"At the very beginning, it was incredibly hard to get used to (relying on clients to report their own emotions).

As usual, the strengths of the medium are also its weakness. An ethical sex therapist will keep everything confidential and protected, but an ethical sex therapist is not always an expert on encryption and network security.

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