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The cars were all old, like they were in one of those nostalgia movies.

Where did all this gallantry come from all of a sudden? She'd been so preoccupied with her ankle that she hadn't noticed how out-of-place everything seemed.

A Foreign Land A story by Simone Locke ([email protected]) FORWARD: After a long absence, here I go with another story that I hope you'll enjoy. He said he doesn't know what's wrong." She followed behind, minding the endless cables that had turned the room into an electric jungle. She stepped up onto the platform in the center, where the lonely garbage can sat. " Patricia wheeled around and tried to run, tripped, and snagged her blouse on a jutting piece of metal. " she thought, as she kicked and struggled to get free. Everything was white and black, dark and light at the same time.

I hit a dry spot while writing my last story "The Princess Game". " "Yeah well it's saying something about a code 518 or something..." "That's the heat exchanger. Filled with 500 apples, it was to be the first large scale experiment in transporting organic matter. She hung there, trying fruitlessly to free herself. Jack climbed up the side of the machine, shouting at her.

We got away, but we might not be so lucky next time." "I... "I know." he said, "But we can't do anything until I find out what's going on. You'll be safer if you stay hidden." She hesitated, then nodded.

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