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But for so many of our clients, AOL continues to be an essential and user-friendly pathway to the technological world.

The most important aspect of that has always been the AOL Desktop software.

Inorder to integrate your existing website, you must place all your content between the “main_container” div tag.

The case is the first serious test of the “forum bar”, introduced by the then home secretary, Theresa May, to allow UK citizens to challenge US extradition requests, following hacker Gary Mc Kinnon’s 10-year battle against extradition.

The forum bar came into force in October 2013, as an addition to the Extradition Act 2003, following controversial requests from the US to extradite hacker Gary Mc Kinnon, who won widespread public and political support in the UK.

Which way to go really depends on just how averse to change you are, and whether you’re okay with being a “guinea pig” while AOL works out any (inevitable) initial kinks in it.

Early indications are that the software is extremely similar to the AOL Desktop that you know and love (or tolerate, depending on who you ask).

Three years later, Love, now 31 years old, faces extradition to the US and a possible 99-year prison sentence.

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