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Steve had his cock wanked discreetly by his best mates fiance Elaine in the same room as 6 friends (and it was a small room ) !

We had all been clubbing together and we bought back some chinese to eat - Steve got accidentally knocked in the balls by Elaine.

She stood up and went to the bathroom passing me on the way telling me to come in there in five minutes. I could see the soles of my ex's shoes under a door.

He walked by me smiling then I went back to my seat and took a big swig of my drink ... I got into next cubicle climbed on toilet and looked down.

She sat on the corner of the bed and rubbed them better, slowly the pain subsided and his cock responded to the rubbing until she was actually wanking his cock fully along its length - not a word was spoken or any other contact - just the rhythmic stroking up to his helmet then down to his balls.

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