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They also need to have good shock absorption, as jumping for high passes or that vital interception can have a big impact on your feet.

As an indoor and outdoor sport, many players look for all-weather shoes with excellent grip.

Your feet are protected and comfortable and the extra cushioning means that the balls of your feet don’t ache after intense training or a day-long tournament.

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With a bold, bright aesthetic, they look and feel high quality.

While they’re relatively heavy in your hands, on your feet, these feel lightweight, supporting quick, fast-paced play.

They had the best shock absorption of the trainers tested and flex grooves and strong grip on the soles keep your ankle aligned during changes of direction, preventing nasty injuries.

Powerful enough for defence players, yet agile enough for mid-courters and shooters, these won’t disappoint.

The extra-ribbed sole provides essential grip, which results in good performance on slippery outdoor courts as well as indoors.

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