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On June 16, 1993, the 100th anniversary of Cracker Jack was celebrated at Wrigley Field during the game between the Cubs and the expansion Florida Marlins.

Before the game, Sailor Jack, the company's mascot, threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

The popcorn was made by hand using steam equipment. In 1896, Louis discovered a method to separate the kernels of molasses-coated popcorn during the manufacturing process.

In 1873, Fritz bought out his partner, William Brinkmeyer, and brought his brother Louis Rueckheim over from Germany to join in his venture, forming the company F. As each batch was mixed in a cement-mixer-like drum, a small quantity of oil was added—a closely guarded trade secret.

In 1896, the first lot of Cracker Jack was produced, the same year the name was registered.

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