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Hard’s lawsuit seeks recognition of his marriage under the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the U. Gay marriage bans face court challenges in other southern states, as well.Hard said hospital workers refused to provide him any information about Fancher's condition after the accident.Fancher, who was 53 when he died, was an information technology director at a trucking company in Birmingham.

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At the local level, they foster this approach by providing consultation and support to interdisciplinary teams striving to deliver the new standard of care to persons with DSD.

Advocates for Youth: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Issues Add To Favorites In PHR They advocate to address homophobia within communities, sensitize youth-serving professionals to the needs of GLBTQ youth, and encourage GLBTQ youth to become powerful advocates for themselves and other youth by sharing culturally relevant information and access to tailored services.

The next of kin is David’s only surviving parent, his 75 year old mother, Pat Fancher, the Foundation for Moral Law said. Paul Hard filed in the federal district court of Montgomery, Alabama requesting the court prevent Ms. Hard sought to accomplish his goal by overturning Alabama’s Constitutional marriage amendment she became concerned, the Foundation for Moral Law said. Fancher contacted us here at the Foundation for Moral Law and expressed that she does not want the death of her son being used by certain special interest organizations as a means to promote homosexual marriage by striking down Alabama’s Constitutional Marriage Amendment," the Foundation said in a statement released to media. Bentley and we are pleased to announce that motion was granted Monday, March 31 of this week." Hard, who married David Fancher in Massachusetts, filed suit to challenge Alabama's law prohibiting the recognition of same-sex marriages performed in other states.

Fancher from receiving the funds that will stem from the wrongful death action. Hard claims that he is entitled to well over half of the funds because of his Massachusetts marriage to David that occurred less than three months before David’s death. David Fancher was killed in a car crash north of Montgomery after his marriage to Hard. The Alabama law prevents Hard from sharing in any proceeds from that case, according to lawyers with the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is representing Hard. His case seeks to invalidate parts of Alabama’s Marriage Protection Act and Sanctity of Marriage Amendment.

The wrongful death case was filed by the administrator of Fancher's estate. The Foundation for Moral Law said in its statement that Ms.

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