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It had arms but they were somehow pinioned to its sides. Black and shiny legs that seemed incapable of parting. * Whilst Ally was in the surgery, a few miles due east, in a quiet close adjacent to one of London's smaller parks, a tall woman with long brown and braided hair was lying on a bed in a dimly lit bedroom.

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And then she squatted down on her haunches and looked up at him. Then she looked up again, " Bill, there's someone in this box and we've got to get them out of it! She touched the slippery, shiny lining again and her voice was little more than a whisper. He turned because normally he would have been able to see whether the door was open or closed but all he could see now was thick white smoke. A heel of a foot with carefully painted blue toenails.

Bloody hell, you of all people should have recognised it. " she paused for a moment and put her head against the wooden side of the large, black painted box. Held in place by the pressure of the bags." Her eyes brightened and then dimmed. "Don't know…" The hissing had ceased now, only to be replaced by another noise. The smoke was now so dense that he wondered if it would set off the alarm in the kitchen. It's twin lay over to the right where it almost touched a heel.

We've still got three hundredweight of vet wrap in the cupboard, thanks to you! She also had a young face, high cheekbones and lustrous skin. " Although the rubber doll stood a good six inches taller than her, by standing on tip toe Sheila was able to get an arm around her shoulders and do her best to comfort her, even though she stood, once more, immobile and emotionless in front of them. " she asked, turning to Bill once more," We might be able to stop the vibrators then." He looked over at the couch, to the abandoned circular saw that was lying there and shrugged his shoulders to no one in particular, and then he began to move forward. He had retrieved the saw and was just reaching Bandy's box when a there was a faint humming sound. Black shiny ankle boots, black stockings, black suspender belt and a black thong were the only items of clothing that Allison Pearson still wore and it did not seem to concern her in the slightest.

On the one hand she was in a strange place, with a woman she didn't know being seduced into God knows what and on the other…. " She looked at him reflectively, "S'posed to be good for the skin y'know, maybe you should try some – look what it's done for Michael Jackson! "Did you sound like this when you were in hospital? "Oh Bill for fuck's sake do something, it's like sharing a room with Darth bloody Vader! Only this time it was a much longer and much more passionate kiss than the last. Don't wear much in the summer though." Ally tried to rise. " Asked the dark haired woman, shifting position so that Ally could see up her dress. "Bet you've never been under the doctor like this before." She said, rucking up Ally's short leather skirt as high as it would go. "Sorry, I thought you'd guessed - I'm Doctor Chaudhari! The doctor put her head to one side and grinned girlishly. " His total disregard for her bordering on the suicidal, he walked past Sheila as if she wasn't there, through billowing red smoke to the couch, where he once more dropped the saw and then on towards the large picture window that looked out on to the small cobbled street and the canal below. The people on the other end of the spy cam that's watching us from about halfway down that box! But pugnacious was not the word to describe her right now. Easing against him until they were crutch to crotch and then beginning to gyrate and writhe. An insistent rubbing that she knew could only create one ultimate reaction in him. * The doctor patient/ relationship was taking on a new meaning in Doctor Chaudhari's surgery and it was Allison, once again, who broke away, breathlessly. If she had hoped to see Ally blush, she was disappointed.

But what she was experiencing now was probably one of the most difficult she would ever come across. Although Bandy now had features of some description they were no closer to finding out the true identity of their "guest" than they had been an hour ago but the breathing noises were louder than ever, she looked at him pointedly. In the meantime Bandy's breath continued to rasp metallically in and out until it seemed to fill the entire room. Might affect her breathing." Sheila was kneeling on the floor and trying to peer inside the box at the same time. "Well don't just stand there," Said the face, "Get going! " The blonde woman smiled as much to herself as to the tall blindfolded woman. " She said sweetly, running a gentle hand up and down the tall woman's bare left leg, who, in turn, tried to raise herself off the bed. " The blonde woman leaned forward and kissed her dark haired friend on the lips once more. Watching the anticipation on Ally's face, she moistened her lips with her tongue and then bowed her head and kissed her gently on the lips. She looked at Allison and smiled showing film star white teeth. When she was no more than a few inches from him she said in a hoarse whisper. He could smell her shampoo, it really did smell of herbs and fruit, and he could smell her, that warm inviting smell that she seemed to exude even when she was at her most pugnacious. She was tugging gently at his hair with one hand, while the other was running its way down his tummy and then stroking the area just above his belt. Aware that the camera could not see all of their movements he slipped his own hand between them and very gently soothed it against the crotch of her faded blue jeans. Sheila broke the kiss threw her head back until she was looking directly into his eyes and said in a voice that was strangely deep and husky, "Fuck me! " he put his hand firmly behind her head and pulled her to him again, whilst the other began to tug at the belt of her jeans and at that precise moment, Bandy began to move hesitantly forward.

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