Hayoung and sehun dating websites

"Chorong jokingly replied, "Yes, oh thank you." Hayoung whispered to Chorong, "Why did you tell him we're models?Tell him quickly we're singers," To this, Chorong joked once more, "Stay quiet/still."Did you catch Chorong and Hayoung on this week's episode of 'Battle Trip'?

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You know you're in your dream high school when you're surrounded by K-Pop idols!

Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA) is a high school that attracts many idols due to its focus on the arts.

According to an exclusive report, A Pink's Hayoung is debuting as an actress after five years as an idol!

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They didn't show their moments in public but we pyro's believed that they are real inside n out. PYROTECHNICS(FIREWORKS) Yoonhae the reel & real couple... Yoonhae for the win Not only is the Yoon Hae couple different from most other kpop couples (they are so subtle, yet even the little moments they share are as loud as fireworks), but the Pyrotechnics are very different as well.

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