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It also reflects your confidence making you a more interesting individual.It’s a bro science really and it should be the first commandment of The Bro Code. “When you’re ready to have a baby, the universe will help you find the doppelgangers you’ve been looking for”-We all know Lily was a little hesitant about starting a family with Marshall, not for lack of love, but out of nerves about becoming a parent. While you may still be sowing your wild oats just as the rest of the How I Met Your Mother characters seems to be settling down, let us not forget Barnacle’s sacred advice.

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that and possibly giving us enough story lines to fill up next season. The proposal to Quinn was predictable, not how Barney planned initially it seems but extremely well played out. A bigger suprise may have been Ted’s decision with Victoria.

Robin: Marshall goes through the green door to find he had been tricked. The way I figure things…either he is trying to write “The Wedding Bride Part 2” or HIMYM writers got tired of throwing Robin at us and said “What other woman the we have told fans isn’t the mother that we could put Ted back with before the show ends?

This finale honestly seemed so intense at moments I had trouble taking notes…so if I missed anything or got it off, just consider that your invitation to fill in the blank. ” I’m not sure they actually, physically said that but when I played it through in my head it had a female voice saying it.

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Instead, he sided with “mystery,” embarrassing himself in the process. Get all the facts before you meet Janet or any other person you’d like to get to know better.

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