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If she didn’t I’d be open to hearing her critique of it. Starlee Kine So this case boiled down to two things: a book and a person who was seen carrying that book. Bookseller: Oh ok Starlee: What do you think it is about if it is to feel stuff? Christina: Thank you for calling Book World, this is Christina how can I help you? Christina: Well, some good ones couple of months ago. In 2008, the year Andrea’s photo was taken, Britney was the number one celebrity search on the internet.

If someone could kind of get these answers for me i‘m not a person with a lot to offer materially but I would do anything for them if anyone could bring me closer to this we could strike some kind of deal. The person was one of the most notoriously unreachable celebrities on the planet. Was Andrea’s book really as unknown as she made it out to be? Bookseller: Thank you for calling the Open Book at the Oaks. Starlee: What do you think it is about based on the title? Starlee: I’m looking for the book To Feel Stuff Christina: Ok. Fifty to a hundred paparazzi members would follow her wherever she went.

Her mother holds up her coat in front of her daughter and keeps holding it there until the car drives out of frame of the video camera.

It reminds me of putting a sheet over a birdcage so that your bird can get some sleep.

I Starlee: Were you as excited when you had your baby? This is my guy and we are so much alike, we’re even wearing denim together. I like to imagine she has secret personality email she can just go on facebook and interact with people not as herself. Andrea: Maybe she is one of these weird people who keep liking pictures of my baby and I don’t know who they are. I’m sending you this picture right now so you can take look at it. She is expecting a picture to be taken and I go “hi Britney I am Starlee” and she smiled and I said “look I just have to ask you” and she kept trying to turn to the camera and I say “look my friend wrote this book called To Feel Stuff and you had a picture taken with it in 2008. ” and she goes “my assistant gave it to me” and then I said “did you like it? Original scoring by Emmy, Nick Thorburn, the bands White Dove and Devin Dare. Arthur Jones made our logo and now you can’t stop staring at it.

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